iNanna – Dance of the Rising Goddess

May 14 & 15th 2021


Teatru Astra
9, Republic Street
Victoria, Gozo VCT 1012
Malta (Europe)

Lourdess Dances Company has been run by dancers, musicians, artists, writers and technicians and we are so grateful that they have been a part of the development of this Company.


This production is an educational tale of an ancient Sumerian myth, predating the Greek mythos. The story of goddess Inanna  whose most famous myth concerns her descent to the underworld.


This famous myth of Inanna's descent, exemplifies the eternal cycle and mysteries of nature's death and rebirth. It is about the meeting of the dark shadowy side of oneself and the journey we go through to become whole, and about the rhythms of the changing seasons.


The presentation of Inanna - Dance of the Rising Goddess is a full length 90 minute 2 act, 14 scene multi-media dance-musical. It takes the audience on a journey to the ancient world of Mesopotamia where humankind created the earliest writings, music and culture. The entire production will feature 12 emerging, 3 professional Maltese artists, 1 narrator, 3 dance and 5 circus professionals from Canada.

The costumes elements created for Inanna are symbolic of women's empowerment or oppression. The colour choices are that of the rainbow representing the seven chakra system. Other design choices are representative of historical accuracy, cultural traditions and stories of goddess worship.

In keeping with antiquity, the music for Inanna's performance is an original score created with ancient sounds while offering the audience elements of modern songs. These musical pieces substitute several band instruments with their historical counterparts such as substituting citterns and balalaikas for the guitars.

Research on historical imagery will be conducted to create more accurate and enriched storytelling which will contribute to the final multimedia. The video imagery allows for the creation of dynamic set design and an obstruction free stage for the performers.

I am proposing an awe - inspired presentation to take this old tale to my roots in Malta and Gozo. This story rich in symbolisms is particularly relevant to these islands as the ruins of Inanna’s main temples are there. The story of Inanna is found inscribed on clay tablets and fragments in these temples.

It is my vision to mount this show in the goddess Inanna stories origin location and demonstrate the marriage of this ancient tale with the contemporary and classical art forms. We are working towards producing  this body of work and foster the participation of the citizens of Malta and Gozo and present Inanna at the Astra Theater where we have been invited on May 14 & 15, 2021. Then bring it back to Canada and continue the development with an entire Canadian cast.


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