Inanna – Dance of the Rising Goddess

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May 2022

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A Dance With the Goddess of Malta


Meet INANNA! The Goddess of life who predates ancient Greek mythos.

Ticket information will be announced in January 2022.

Performances May 2022 available online streaming!

The goddess Inanna has roots as far back as the Neolithic era. Her worship was widespread in the prehistoric Mediterranean
and Sumerian cultures, and Malta is particularly rich in ancient representations of her and sites devoted to her. In an attempt to
save her ego Inanna mistakenly kills her sister’s husband, instead of Gilgamesh (her past lover). To right this wrong, Inanna
must admit her fault and beg forgiveness from her sister, the guardian of the underworld. As Inanna descends to her sister’s
realm, she is challenged to change her selfish ways at each of the 7 gates (which represent the chakras), increasing her
enlightenment at each passage. When she reaches the underworld, her sister does not forgive her, and Inanna is killed.

Inanna is brought back to life, but for her to leave the underworld, someone must replace her. Damuzi, her current lover,
proves to be unfaithful and is sent for six months of the year. When Damuzi and Inanna are apart—that is, in fall and
winter—the land is infertile. When they are together—in spring and summer—the land becomes fertile and fruitful. This
Sumerian myth parallels the Greek myth of Persephone and Demeter.